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Mon Jan 26 11:19:43 CET 2004

040125 Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> why not using xffm ?

exactly!  i've been reading this thread with mild interest
& the last thing i wd want to do is discourage programmers or developers,
but what is the point of this new "file browser",
when we already have Xffm to manage files
& can also use anything else out there, eg MC, Krusader or Rox ?
what will this new item add to the XFCE desktop environment ?
why not put the effort into adding to or improving Xffm ?

suggestions: multi-rename of files (which i mentioned recently);
genuine 2-pane present'n a/a the existing need to open a new Xffm;
ability to edit the toolbars, esp to reduce items &/or icon size;
fixing the other things eg JC have listed they don't like re Xffm.

the genius of XFCE is simplicity, modularity & wide user choice:
let's always remember those founding principles.

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