Run in Terminal problem

Bob Snyder bob.snyder at
Sat Jan 24 06:17:05 CET 2004

Brett I. Holcomb wrote:

> Good shot, Bob.
> 1.  Removing the run in terminal and using xterm -e mycommand worked.
> 2.  Setting TERMCMD gave me an error in the xterm when I had run in 
> terminal checked and this as the command
> vpnclient connect "Faculty-Staff Off Campus"
> Error:
> xterm: Can't execvp -title: No such file or directory
> Wonder what it's trying to tell me?
> Thanks. 

Not sure, but my guess is that you added the -e to an existing string 
for TERMCMD before a "-title" argument. The -e has to be the last option 
of the string.

Bob S.

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