menu edit problems]]

ja'far railton at
Sat Jan 24 00:42:33 CET 2004

> > no reference to a file menudefs.hook and no out of place <&>'s so I
> > don't know what I need to change or add.

>  ok, open a terminal and type 'pkill xfdesktop; xfdesktop'. Then
>  right-click on the background. You should see warnings about the xml
>  parsing. Fix those in the file.


Thanks Jasper. Have now tried the above. I got a warning about
menu2.xml not being defined so I copied that file to ~/.xfce4 as well
and the menu now seems OK. I can't change the Web Browser to Firebird 
though. The command I use is for a script "". When I put that 
in where "mozilla" is by default it doesn't work, although the same 
command works from the panel. Can you help me here too?


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