Auto Start in XFCE4

Fabian Hänsel fabtagon at
Wed Jan 21 10:32:15 CET 2004

Uwe Dippel <udippel at> wrote:

> Fabian Hänsel wrote:
> > They will be called from startxfce4. Means they won't be executed
> > unless you use the script startxfce4 or put something appropriate
> > into your xinitrc.
> Now I'm getting closer. I had/have an startxfce on 3.8; but on xcfe4 
> there isn't.
> Maybe a Debian-problem/change ? I think I installed all the packages 
> (apt-get should), but here there isn't.
Get it from CVS (or send me pn to mail it to you) and use it as your
.xinitrc or put it into $PATH.

> To start, I use gdm.
Me, too.


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