Auto Start in XFCE4

Fabian Hänsel fabtagon at
Wed Jan 21 09:57:15 CET 2004

Uwe Dippel <udippel at> wrote:

> Ed wrote:
> > Is there a way to have programs automatically start at launch of
> > desktop?
> There is. Read the Forum.
> Place them in ~/Desktop/Autostart
> Only this doesn't work for me, whatever I put (there are samples, 
> scripts, you name it).
> ~/Desktop/Autostart/myscript works well whenever I type it in a
> console. It would never at start of XFCE4

The autostart files are only executed if they are executeable by the

They will be called from startxfce4. Means they won't be executed
unless you use the script startxfce4 or put something appropriate into
your xinitrc.


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