SOLVED (No Text on Menus or Tool Tips)

Bill Trenker wtrenker at
Tue Jan 20 11:52:00 CET 2004

Bill Trenker wrote:

> xfce4 is running fine but there is no text showing on any menus or tool-tips.

I solved the missing text problem. I had 2 different installs of Pango on my system.  I removed the older one and sure enough xfce4 works just like that.

To be honest, one user had already reported this solution on the xfce forum.  I guess I was stuck on the fact that some of my other GTK2 apps worked.  But when I dug in and investigated further I found that the working GTK2 apps were loading in the newer Pango libs, so no wonder they worked.  (I had an older version of Pango in /usr/local/libs and the correct one in /usr/libs so it wasn't just a version conflict but a duplication problem on top of it.)


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