cyrillic filenames

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Sun Jan 18 22:47:24 CET 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 15:20, Sergey Manucharyan wrote:
> This is not just XFCE question/problem, but as XFCE is 
> based on GTK I think it makes sense here.
> Different programs fail to show and/or open directories
> and files with names in cyrillic.
> (My LANG=ru_RU.koi8r, gtk+1.2.10 and gtk+2.2.4)
> 1) The solution for xffm is to set SMB_CODESET=KOI8-R -
> works ok. 
> 2) The GIMP 1.3.23 complains:
>     "Gtk-Message: The filename "\344\344\364" couldn't be 
>     converted to UTF-8 (try setting the environment 
>     variable G_BROKEN_FILENAMES): Invalid byte sequence 
>     in conversion input"
> 3) The emelfm2 (gtk2) filemanager doesn't show cyrillic filenames 
> and crashes when trying to open such a directory:
>     "assertion `text != NULL' failed
>     Segmentation fault"
> 4) Xmms doesn't show cyrillic characters (or show character from wrong
> fontset - depending on ~/.gtkrc content) in the file browser, but 
> there is nothing wrong in it's playlist window with the same font.
> 5) The "non-gtk" Midnight Commander has no problems at all :)

That's because gtk apps have to put everything in utf-8. To do so
correctly, the application needs to have a correct codeset to use. This
is determined from the locale. Since often locale settings are not
correct, xffm has the option to bypass the codeset determined from the
locale with the environment variable  SMB_CODESET, which is why it
works. The other gtk applications you mention just use the codeset
obtained from the locale and go merrily on their way, with the results
you mention. 

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