cyrillic filenames

Sergey Manucharyan serge at
Sun Jan 18 22:20:42 CET 2004

This is not just XFCE question/problem, but as XFCE is 
based on GTK I think it makes sense here.

Different programs fail to show and/or open directories
and files with names in cyrillic.
(My LANG=ru_RU.koi8r, gtk+1.2.10 and gtk+2.2.4)

1) The solution for xffm is to set SMB_CODESET=KOI8-R -
works ok. 

2) The GIMP 1.3.23 complains:
    "Gtk-Message: The filename "\344\344\364" couldn't be 
    converted to UTF-8 (try setting the environment 
    variable G_BROKEN_FILENAMES): Invalid byte sequence 
    in conversion input"

3) The emelfm2 (gtk2) filemanager doesn't show cyrillic filenames 
and crashes when trying to open such a directory:
    "assertion `text != NULL' failed
    Segmentation fault"

4) Xmms doesn't show cyrillic characters (or show character from wrong
fontset - depending on ~/.gtkrc content) in the file browser, but 
there is nothing wrong in it's playlist window with the same font.

5) The "non-gtk" Midnight Commander has no problems at all :)


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