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On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 13:30, Dennis J. Tuchler wrote:
> How do I eliminate the trash from the trashcan?  In xffm, looking at the
> desktop folder, there is a folder (not trash can icon) labeled "trash". 
> The only trash-related alternative I have as to that folder is "collect
> trash".  The contents of that folder are huge.

Several options here. The trashcan is a place where pointers to all
wastebasket files are stored. The files live in wastebaskets to avoid
overwriting each other when they have the same name. These are the

1- Don't-care way: Select delete all trash from trash popup menu.
2- Careful way: do not hide wastebaskets. When you have a wastebasket
with junk, just use the delete button or popup on it. This will
eliminate wastebasket and all contents. You can also delete individual
elements from within the wastebasket.
3- Methodical way: do not autocollect trash (or select
uncollect-all-trash from trash popup). Select a directory and choose
collect trash from popup. This will generate pointers to all wastebasket
contents for the trash can. Then select delete all trash from trash
popup menu.
4- Difficult way: Click button 2 on each file of trash can contents.
This will printout information regarding the exact location of the
wastebasket that contains the file so you can decide whether or not it
is safe to delete (with delete button).

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