Upgrade to loses gdm XFCE option

Alexandre Aractingi aaractingi at libertysurf.fr
Tue Jan 13 11:19:15 CET 2004

Le mar 13/01/2004 à 11:08, Tony Sequeira a écrit :
> This has caught me out before, and I did recover, but it was getting
> very late last night before I had to call it a day. 
> /etc/X11/gdm/Session? has XFCe in it.  /etc/gdm (or thereabouts) also
> seems OK.  Where do I look?  I'm at work, but thought I could get a
> head start on this.

Try to chmod a+x /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/XFce4 and to log off / log on.
I have to do that each time my machine reboots, I don't know why
(doesn't happen on my home computer though...)

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi at libertysurf.fr>

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