eslrahc packages for 9.2

Jack Coates jack at
Tue Jan 13 06:21:34 CET 2004

Hi Charles E. and all,

I just applied the 4.0.3 packages from to a Mandrake Cooker
system using rpmdrake and it seems to have horked my system. I now have
XFce, XFce4, and xfce4 as options in my gdm session, the first two dump
me into twm, and the third gives me a weird mix of half of my stuff,
half default config, with no ability to get to any of the properties
boxes. According to treeps it is using my .xfce4/xinitrc. 

I'm downloading the srpms from now. This is the first time this
has happened to me on 4, I was feeling spoiled after all the times
upgrades messed up my xfce3 installations :-)
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