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Jesús García Crespo (aka Sevein) correo at
Mon Jan 12 21:48:04 CET 2004

Another idea:

Imagine that you have a digital camera or a usb flash memory (that small things that you can storage information). You could make an app that see if your kernel configuration and fstab configuration is correct and allow to mount/umount safely the memory or the memory in the camera and see the images in it through opening gqview or another program (an option configurable). Isn't it nice? I think apps should take a nice contact with our hardware to allow us more time to enjoy it! :) My girlfriend will love me more and more if she only would have to press two buttons to put on the camera and see the pictures (in read-only mode, another ocnfiguration option, to be more safe...). :)...

Chris Brault, I hope you enjoy with my ideas, hehehe! lol :)

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