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Mon Jan 12 19:39:53 CET 2004

040112 jan wrote:
> Hi I've found your post in XFCE mailing list discusing xterm and xfce.

so reply to the list, then everyone can read my WoW (grin)!
> I'd like to know how to change font in xterm ....

'man xterm' is the 1st step, as always,
but anyway what i did was add a set of launchers in a panel menu :

  xterm -fa "New Century" -fs 11 -geometry  79x31
  xterm -fa "New Century" -fs  9 -geometry 120x40
  xterm -fa "New Century" -fs  7 -geometry 120x52

choose a font, sizes & geometries to your own taste.
and no, i don't remember off-hand where the fonts are ... (smile)

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