What makes Xfce so good?

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 12 11:23:20 CET 2004

040111 Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 23:29, Yan Seiner wrote:
>> I think the xfce term window sucks
>> it doesn't do Czech fonts at all, and I haven't tried Japanese.
> Lol! For good reason, there is no such "xfce terminal",
> it's a wrapper shell script to whatever terminal you want,
> primarily used for DnD purpose.
> Just set TERMCMD to gnome-terminal and type "xfterm", you'll see.

the problem mb with the default set-up in the panel launcher,
which new users tend to take as the official or even only thing available.
i deleted it ASAP -- so i don't know exactly what it was --
& replaced it with a set of  3  'xterm' commands with differing-size fonts:
one is big enough for easy reading ( 11 pt ),
one smaller for long directory listings etc (for my 'su' terminal:  9 pt ),
one really tiny ( 7 pt ), which i've never actually used so far;
'TERMCMD' is undefined & 'bash: xfterm: command not found' (?).

default settings are more important than developers usually realise:
new users often don't realise they cb altered, let alone how,
st the application gets a bad mark & mailing-lists get repeated questions.

the other XFCE default which causes trouble is taskbar a/a iconbox.

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