What makes Xfce so good?

Christopher Carroll christopher.carroll at birch.net
Sun Jan 11 23:45:46 CET 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 15:21, Chris Brault wrote:
> Thanks for the information,
> I did indeed make an error in terminology.
> > > Should be "display"
> > Yes. Window managers (wm) are kwm, twm and so on.
> > Display manager (dm)
> > is the app to log on.
> > 
> > Which display managers can't work with Xfce3/4?
> However, aside from this discussion, my question still
> stands. What makes the Xfce4 desktop better then
> Blackbox, WindowMaker, Enlightenment or any other of
> the plethera of "light-weight" desktops?
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Its easier to answer why xfce is better for me - rather than just
better.  A lot of people will say that other environments are better and
their reasons for saying so may be just as valid as my reasons for
choosing xfce4.  I have used many window manager/desktop environments -
and the reasons I xfce4 is my environment of choice are not very

I like a consistent look and feel - and gtk2 is my toolkit of choice.

I really like the 2-state launcher buttons - and I can't find a
comparable dockapp.

gtk2 => freetype2 support

startup is fast

the keybinding commands I like happen to be possible - a lot of
environments don't support the "quit application"


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