Window focus problem with WINE and Alt-Tab in XFCE 4.0

John Pettigrew john at
Thu Jan 8 15:52:53 CET 2004

In a previous message, Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at> wrote:

> Humm, sorry. I did talk too fast in my last posts... As you rightly
> pointed out, xfwm4 was not sending the wm_takefocus client message to the
> app, so I've changed xfwm4 to do it right.
> xfwm4 does send the wm_takefocus event now, but "notepad" still doesn't
> restore the focus to the edit area when using alt+tab.

I've just compiled the new xfwm4.0.3 release (which I assumed contains this
fix) and tried it out. And it works! I no longer get any problems with focus
after using dialog boxes in Word, nor when Alt-Tabbing. I don't know why
Olivier is still seeing this in Notepad, but it's fine in Word  :-)

Many thanks for sorting this out!

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