XFce4 in Fedora Devel

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 6 16:15:14 CET 2004

Well, I just wanted to say I'm pleased to see XFce4 entering Fedora
Devel slowly but surely.   This will make reinstallations of my Fedora
boxes much easier come FC2.  And, finally, I'll be able to make a new
Fedora box with just XFce4 and no Gnome/KDE with a minimum of hassle.

Now if only Red Hat's enterprise offerings will pickup the same, I'd be
all set.
I am a theoretical chemist.  Fear me!
 Matt Thompson -- http://ucsub.colorado.edu/~thompsma/
 440 UCB, Boulder, CO  80309-0440
 JILA A510, 303-492-4662
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