minicmd plugin and print screen

Michal mis at
Tue Jan 6 14:45:27 CET 2004

Hi, I use minicmd plugin and I'm happy it's exists. Thanks a lot for 
that. :-)
But I wonder if is possible to make a small extention to it -
automatically open a terminal window if program I try to run isn't a X
related (console based or script)? Or at least add a small tick box 
"open in terminal"? What do you think? Would it be possible?

Another question - for some reson Print Screen button doesn't work for
me so I add to xbindkeysrc lines:

#print screen - full screen

"[ -d /home/michal/screenshots ] || mkdir /home/michal/screenshots; cd
/home/michal/screenshots; import -display localhost:0 -window root `date

# Print screen - interactive
"[ -d /home/michal/screenshots ] || mkdir /home/michal/screenshots; cd
/home/michal/screenshots; import -display localhost:0 `date +%d%m%Y-%X`.png"
alt + c:111

First line make a screen shot of a whole screen, second wait until I
point it to the window (click on a window that I want to make a screen
shot) or to the area (by drag a mouse with a left button pressed).
What I'd like is add another line that automatically makes a screen shot
of active/focused window. It is possible by add "-name" option to
import. But the question is what variable contains name or id of focused
window? And could it be read by a shell script?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Unfortunately I'm not a programer :-(


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