Romeu Fonseca romeu.fonseca at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 06:18:21 CET 2004

Hello to all,

I am trying to change my mouse cursor. I have been successful in
changing it globally, modifying the index.themes in
/usr/share/cursors/xorg/default. The only problem is... my screen is
too small and the cursor seems too big... so, I followed some tips in
the net and add a .Xdefault to my home with something like:
Xcursor.themes: <name of the theme> and Xcursor.size: <size of the
cursor>. The weird thing is that my .Xdefault does not load at all!
Dunno why... I have uncommented the option in xinitrc... have no more
ideas... anyone can please help me?

Thanx, Roma

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