Lost desktop & right mouse

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at dnet.net.au
Thu Dec 16 06:31:39 CET 2004

G'day there Brian,

> yep... though, depending on the app and the circumstances (i have yet to 
> find truly predictable behavior here), the *only* way to do what you 
> want from a terminal and make sure it lives past the end of the terminal 

	I thought I'd seen a terminal do this on Window Maker, but I'm not sure 
what terminal it was nor what app I was using at the time. I had a look 
at a few different terminals at one stage and I've no idea what it was.

> is:
> nohup theapp &

	AHA!!!		I forgot the nohup!

> of course, that leaves an annoying 'nohup.out' file behind.  for future 

	Oh. I wasn't aware that it left files behind. Damn!!

> reference, you can always run an app like that from the run dialog 
> (alt+f2 if you haven't changed the WM keybindings).

	Now there's one I'll have to remember. I use it from the right click 
menu, but wasn't familiar with the [alt+f2] combination. I think I need 
to learn some of these keystrokes now that I've come back to xfce. I 
tried it before, but for various reasins I went back to WindowMaker. I 
prefer the xfce interface, and the newer xfce version is just great.

See ya
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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