Lost desktop & right mouse

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Dec 16 06:15:04 CET 2004

Ken McLennan wrote:

> G'day there Brian,
>> of course it does.  try running just about any app from a terminal, and
>> then close the terminal.  bye-bye app...
>     I realise that, but I thought that if I pushed it into the 
> background it would run there if the terminal shut down. OK, so it 
> didn't work. No harm done. I just left it running and logged off. The 
> session manager then took over. It's all a learning experience =).

yep... though, depending on the app and the circumstances (i have yet to 
find truly predictable behavior here), the *only* way to do what you 
want from a terminal and make sure it lives past the end of the terminal is:
nohup theapp &
of course, that leaves an annoying 'nohup.out' file behind.  for future 
reference, you can always run an app like that from the run dialog 
(alt+f2 if you haven't changed the WM keybindings).


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