Different # of virtual workspaces on monitors

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Dec 16 05:17:45 CET 2004

Marc Schwartz wrote:

>Ok, that actually raises another question.
>In xinerama mode, one can drag an application from one screen to
>another, since the two displays are virtual extensions of the same
>workspace. In my case, it would be a single 3200 x 1200 display across
>two 1600 x 1200 LCDs.
>In non-xinerama mode, the two screens are "independent" of each other,
>which I prefer and which is actually better performing (for logical
>reasons) in terms of screen updates.
>Is there any means to move an application from a workspace on screen 0
>to a workspace on screen 1 in non-xinerama mode? 
>If there is only a single instance of xfwm4 running, it is therefore
>controlling application windows and workspaces on both screens, is it
>not?  If so, then is the functionality that I am asking about possible?

my understanding is that this isn't possible.  X uses different 
colormaps, window IDs and other resources for the two different screens, 
and these can't be shared or easily swapped.  there's no way to randomly 
tell an app "hey, the ID of your window just changed" and stuff like that.

on the other hand, i've heard of apps that supposedly can shift X 
clients from one display (yeah, *display* even, not just screen), so 
it's probably "possible", but not likely to be something that would go 
into xfwm4 (read: it's hackish and nasty).


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