How to "move this window to workspace n" in xmms?

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Sat Dec 11 13:51:33 CET 2004

Dissabte 11 Desembre 2004 13:12, en/na Tom Wesley (<Tom Wesley 
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>>Re: How to "move this window to workspace n" in xmms?
> Xan wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > When I click with right-button of mouse onto xmms window, no window menu
> > appears, and so I can't move xmms to another workspace. This happens with
> > another windows (as dosbox terminal window).
> >
> > How can I pass these windows to workspace that I want?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Xan.
> Can I suggest you look at devilspie.  It's designed to move windows
> around virtual desktops and control just this type of thing.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will investigate on that, but although this 
program has a lot of tools (as it seems), I think that it should be a simple 
way to do the basic actions (move to workspace n, minimize, ...) into the 
window manager. This is what I want when I ask how move xmms to another 
workspace with wm (rather than another program).

As in 4.0.x we have "difficulties" for editing desktop menu (I seem to 
remember that in xfce webpage there is a link to app to edit that), now in 
4.2rc1, we have a tool in the self desktop to control it.

I think that it's a basic feature in wm: control _all_ the window behaviour.

I don't want to be critic nop not-polite. More far as reality. I only make 
this reflexion: is it so difficult to move xmms to another workspaces at it 
seems to me?

Thanks and regards,

> Tom

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