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Anthony Ewell aewell at
Fri Dec 10 22:28:02 CET 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> On 12/10/04 13:07, Anthony Ewell wrote:
>>Hi Olivier,
>>    Would you consider adding an RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
>>feed to your web site (  Here is a "HowTo" from w3c's
>>web site:
> manually updating an RSS feed would probably be a pain, and i believe
> francois (the webmaster) is using a simple homegrown PHP script
> for news, so it's up to him if he feels like taking the time to do it.
> or to switch to something else (wordpress even) to maintain the news
> page.
> at any rate, the news isn't really updated all that frequently: perhaps
> every couple weeks when we're busy, so i'm not sure that RSS would be
> all that useful.  heh, then again, that could possibly be a reason why
> it *would be* useful.
> 	-brian's feed is not update that much either.  But, I love it
anyway because I can really quickly check the feed to see if there
are any updates I need to download, etc..


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