xfce4rc1 wm notes

Olivier FOURDAN fourdan.olivier at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 9 12:55:52 CET 2004


> > - playing around with settings and wallpaper
>   made the windowmanager crash

Without a well formed bug report (ie how to reproduce the problem, tested against current CVS, and best of all, a backtrace) I can't help. Such comments are totally useless.

> - using xawtv to display a tv channel - using
>   desktop changer on the panel - the window
>   decoration of the tv overlay is removed but
>   the tv stream is still played

Do you use the compositing extension? 

The XawTV overlay draws directly to screen and that will prolly won't work with compositing.

Again, please enter a bug report if you think you have found a relevant bug.

> - dual head screen (I did not want xinerama but
>   nvidia twinhead is stupid I guess) - unlike
>   in kde some windows open with a geometry larger
>   than one head. Annoying. If the app wants to
>   be 1600 wide it will be so on a 2x1024 setup.

The WM won't change the asked geometry. It will change the positonning, not the size. That is on purpose.


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