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Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Mon Dec 6 10:32:11 CET 2004

j.markoll at wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I come say a few words to try helping clear it out ?
> I'd say, it depends upon how many developpers work on Xfce developing, and how
> many people are using it. Sometimes, for some reasons, some projects developing
> are purely abandonned, who knows why ?
> so to come back to the sugject, it depends upon how much time the developers can
> afford taking in reading on the list, and how many users are ready to do the
> effort reporting a bug or any disfunction that can be assimilated.
> And also how easy the access to reporting bugs and checking data base are (is
> there a search engine in ?) (no bug noticed on former Xfce4 version actually.
> Who knows ? :)
> So, allowing people to do the way they feel best, and at same time encourage the
> people to do the way you would like it, would probably be good.

Ok ok, I think we need some clarification here: It is really useless to 
report user problems in bugzilla; I guess Brian was too general in his 
explanations. This mailinglist is for discussing user problems. You 
should only use bugzilla in one of the following cases:

  (a) You want to request a feature (use xfce4-dev if you want to 
discuss this feature first, probably have a look at bugzilla database to 
see if this features was already requested).

  (b) You discovered a bug in Xfce.

  (c) You reported a *user problem* here and a developer told you to 
file a bug report.

In either case its a good idea to search the bug database (and probably 
the mailinglist archives) to see if your problem was reported already.

If you have a problem with Xfce, but you are not >95% sure its a bug, 
report your problem here (after checking archives of course :).

If everybody tries to follow the simple rules listed above, then users 
and developers can coexists on this mailinglist without pissing off each 
other, like it used to be in the past. ;-)

> Best regards. Joyce Markoll.


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