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Mon Dec 6 00:44:24 CET 2004

Selon Steve Cooke <stephen.cooke at>:

> You are going to have one very large and polluted database, supposedly
> for tracking the status of defects, but actually tracking the progress
> of various user based problems. And most users will be incredibly
> FRUSTRATED by the continuous, Sun-esque, "not a bug" status that will be
> assigned to the vast majority of the users reports.
> "What is the point of these lists if everone is required to use the
> bugtracker? Perhaps the lists should be canceled and a pointer to the
> bug tracker be put on the proper web pages."

> Just my $0.05 worth (with exchange rate factored in.)

> Steve Cooke

Hello to all,
I come say a few words to try helping clear it out ?
I'd say, it depends upon how many developpers work on Xfce developing, and how
many people are using it. Sometimes, for some reasons, some projects developing
are purely abandonned, who knows why ?

so to come back to the sugject, it depends upon how much time the developers can
afford taking in reading on the list, and how many users are ready to do the
effort reporting a bug or any disfunction that can be assimilated.

And also how easy the access to reporting bugs and checking data base are (is
there a search engine in ?) (no bug noticed on former Xfce4 version actually.
Who knows ? :)
So, allowing people to do the way they feel best, and at same time encourage the
people to do the way you would like it, would probably be good.
Best regards. Joyce Markoll.

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