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BluPhoenyx bluphoenyx at
Sun Dec 5 01:27:40 CET 2004

On Saturday 04 December 2004 17:30, j.markoll at wrote:
> Hello you all,
> I hardly understand what is the conclusion. I'm a true newbie, under Debian
> Sarge, with Xfce4 and waiting to see that everybody is fully satisfied with
> the young and very interesting 4.2 version, as I'm much too newbie to
> manage successfully with systems not yet totally fixed.
> I'm not a native of english language either, so it's not so easy, and still
> I'm interested with the list where I can read about, to improve about
> understunding more about Xfce.
> So, I would just like to ask that you mail clearly about that, incase the
> deciders of the list close it, as there is also a forum (but I am listed
> already on several, and that's much forums)

Sorry, I did not mean to give the impression that the list WOULD close. I 
don't have any authority for such an action. I was simply trying to 
understand the purpose of having a list when the user could not discuss Xfce 
bugs or issues.

FWIW, I don't have a problem with the list itself, just the idea that 
everything is a bug to be reported to the bug tracker without discussion by 
the users.

Probably, just me.

Mike T.

Linux user #169067
(G)aim ID: Linux Lunatyk

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