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Sun Dec 5 00:30:04 CET 2004

Selon BluPhoenyx <bluphoenyx at>:
> Yes, I know this, but still, everone is harangued to submit a bug report at
> their first mention of a bug. So, the lists are of little use any more. Now,
> if the list users were to be able to discuss this DE in the 'users' list, it
> might still serve some purpose.
> Sorry about the typo (-dev) I watch both lists and I was editing from an
> earlier attempt of this subject.
> Cheers,
> Mike T.
> Linux user #169067
> (G)aim ID: Linux Lunatyk

Hello you all,
I hardly understand what is the conclusion. I'm a true newbie, under Debian
Sarge, with Xfce4 and waiting to see that everybody is fully satisfied with the
young and very interesting 4.2 version, as I'm much too newbie to manage
successfully with systems not yet totally fixed.
I'm not a native of english language either, so it's not so easy, and still I'm
interested with the list where I can read about, to improve about understunding
more about Xfce.

So, I would just like to ask that you mail clearly about that, incase the
deciders of the list close it, as there is also a forum (but I am listed
already on several, and that's much forums)

I guess the developpers can have their own list, to work quietly ?
I like Xfce4 very much indeed, and will upgrade as soon as the 4.2 is perfect
enough for the newbie I am. And will recommand it to all.
Best greetings, and continue well
Joyce Markoll.

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