Perhaps some bugs of xfce 4.2rc1

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Fri Dec 3 19:08:20 CET 2004

On 12/03/04 17:17, Xan wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I manipulate some time xfce 4.2rc1 and I observe that perhaps there are bugs 
> in that. I have installed it with gui installer in home subdir: 
> ~/temporal/xfce4rc1/xfcedir/
> 1) When I'm in xfce 4.0.6, the nautilus recognize the type of files (even if 
> these are uncompleted (for example files from mldonkey)) and when I click 
> onto that, the associated program appears.
> But in xfce 4.2rc1, the nautilus does not recognize me the incomplete files 
> and when I click onto, it says me that there is no associated application

this has nothing to do with xfce.  nautilus is a part of gnome.  perhaps
it hasn't launched gconf properly, or maybe it requires gnome-settings-daemon
(which it shouldn't, since that's stupid, but who knows).

> 2) There is no clear difference between home and system-wide calls of 
> programs. In my panel I have two launchers:
> One launches "xffm" and the other "xfprint-manager"
> This two launchers are in both xfce's: xfce 4.2rc1 and xfce 4.0.6.
> When I launch the "xffm" in 4.2rc1, all is good: 4.2rc1 launches the xffm 
> version 4.2rc1. But when I launch "xfprinter-manager" (in 4.2rc1), 4.2rc1 
> launches the xfprint-manager version 4.0.6. If I want that in 4.2rc1 I want 
> to launch xfprint-manager 4.2rc1, I have to modify the launcher and add the 
> specific ~/temporal/xfce4rc1/xfcedir/bin/xfprint-manager.

it appears the binary's name changed, and you had an old panel config file
that was migrated to the new config location.  we're not going to modify
your setup for you.

> But why I have not to do with xffm?

because xffm hasn't changed its binary's name.


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