Xffm - bugs or features?

edscott wilson garcia edscott at xfce.org
Wed Dec 1 19:19:36 CET 2004

El mar, 30-11-2004 a las 13:30, Scott Horowitz escribió:
> With Xffm in RC1, choosing rename on a file/directory will bring up the 
> rename dialog but it defaults to "filename-1" (i.e. "01-hi.ogg" becomes 
> "01-hi.ogg-1"). I don't know if this is a feature but I find it quite 
> cumbersome, as it forces me to first remove that ending and then make my 
> changes.

The easy way to rename without any version control is by clicking on the
filename and directly editing it. Otherwise the initial rename
suggestion uses the same version control as the duplicate function. 

> Also - turning on hidden files works fine (xffm refreshes properly and 
> hidden files are shown) but turning off hidden files doesn't seem to 
> take place when xffm refreshes. Only a restart hides hidden files again.
> I can file bug reports if these are indeed bugs - pretty sure the latter 
> is ;)

Yes, the latter looks like a bug.



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