Misc comments

Don Christensen djc at cisco.com
Wed Aug 25 00:02:55 CEST 2004

With latest CVS (updated about 1pm PST) running on a GTK 2.2 system.

A few little issues I noticed after rebooting.


- Memory usage appears to be substantially higher than xterm.  Both apps
   were started immediately after logging into a freshly rebooted system.

   % ps -auwwx | grep term
   djc       1373  1.5  0.6  8980 3152 ?        S    14:45   0:00 xterm -title Terminal
   djc       1413  4.9  1.5 15144 8024 pts/0    S    14:45   0:00 xfce4-terminal

Xfce Settings Manager:

- Clicking Screensaver setting does not do anything (no output to terminal
   when started from one.)
- In Window Manager dialog, changing settings (like Theme or Title Alignment
   causes mouse pointer to warp to upper left corner of screen 1 (when using
   dual-head non-Xinerama).
- Still don't see any icons in the main window, except for xffm and
   xfce4-terminal.  Changing icon settings does not seem to have any effect
   that I can see.  I guess Brian's changes aren't available yet.


Don Christensen       Senior Software Development Engineer
djc at cisco.com         Cisco Systems, Santa Cruz, CA
   "It was a new day yesterday, but it's an old day now."

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