Xfce Live Demo and Xfce Debian Packages

Oliver Schweissgut oliver.schweissgut at os-cillation.de
Mon Aug 23 23:38:11 CEST 2004

Hello gentlemen,

we have been working on a Xfce based Linux Distribution for the last
month, derived from the Knoppix 3.4 distribution. It features a recent
Xfce 4.1 from CVS HEAD with some additions. We named it Xfld - Xfce Live

Xfld boots from CD-ROM and provides a complete GNU/Linux operating
environment without the need to install anything. If one decides that he
likes Xfld, he can choose to install it to HDD and will get a complete
Debian based operating system.

The Xfld iso image can be downloaded from http://www.xfld.org/.

We also provide Debian packages of Xfce 4.1. from CVS HEAD. You can find
installation instructions at

best regards,

Oliver Schweissgut

os-cillation e.K.
+49 271 31368 0
info at os-cillation.de
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