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edscott edscott at
Thu Aug 19 19:16:29 CEST 2004

El jue, 19-08-2004 a las 10:09, Paul Ladouceur - NUXTEK Informatique
Inc. escribió:

> Thanks again Jasper! Your were of great help for me!
> I was following the project a couple months before and after XFCE4 first 
> release... But i'm always torn appart between Gnome and XFCE! :'(   
> I love XFCE simplicity but missed some of Gnome utilities 
> (configuration, etc..). I don't think we absolutely need desktop icons 
> but a file manager like Nautilus (with browser only navigation) that 

IOW, an icon view? It just might be the target for 4.4, since everything
else will mostly be covered in 4.2. Otherwise I might not have anything
else to do...

> have the xffm network browsing capability... Since Nautilus can now show 
> the mount points with "My Computer", it's near the functionnalities of 
> xffm... And i experience many bugs with xffm related to drag & drop 
> (xffm window closing...).

an example dnd where such behaviour occurs would be greatly appreciated
and do much towards solving the problem (I have not noticed any problems
with dnd so far, but my dnd behaviour is probably not the same as yours)


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