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Gerald Barre g.barre at
Thu Aug 19 12:11:16 CEST 2004

Le Wed, 18 Aug 2004 21:16:52 -0400
"Paul Ladouceur - NUXTEK Informatique Inc." <paul at>

> (1)
> Added the Show Desktop plugin to the pannel but unlike other plugin, 
> there's no way to right-click on it to remove it...!!??

Normally if you right click on it you should have :

-Ajouter une nouvelle entrée
> (2)
> I searching for a plugin that check POP mailboxes (no luck for now)...
> Is there any for XFCE4??

The plugin for Xfce4 checks local mailboxes.
> (3)
> I would like to do a french localization of some plugins (like the 
> Weather plugin) but it seems that it's hard-coded... Am i wrong?
Not sure about that, I suppose it retrieves the datas from a US site,
that's why you can't do a localization.

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