Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Tue Aug 17 00:01:49 CEST 2004


I see no reason for any such behavour other than:

- An env var being set in GNOME that controls the 3D rendering
  => do an "env" in each session and compare results

- A different color depth between Xfce and GNOME
  => do a xdpyinfo | grep "depth of root window"

- A buggy video driver
  => try different xfwm4 theme and see if that make any difference,
     who knows...

In any case, xfce doesn't control the 3D rendering which is being done
between the HW (accelerated 3D video card) and the appropriate
XFree86/X.org driver.

The fact that you're returned to the login screen makes me think a crash
occured in XFree86/X.org.


On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 01:46, pathogen wrote:
> Hey,
> I recently switched from gnome to XFCE4 and am having some troubles
> with ut2004... whenever I play its kinda jerky and when I quit UT my X
> session is dead and i'm back at the GDM screen.  Also.. i get about
> 40-50 FPS while in XFCE and 80-90 in gnome (gnome also doesn't kill my
> X session).
> I tried running glxgears in both gnome and XFCE and got the same
> results both times..
> Oh and I'm using gentoo.
> Are there any settings I need to change or tweaks I can do to make
> this run smoother?
> Thanks
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