smb mounts conflicting with Xfce?

Botykai Zsolt zsolt.botykai at
Wed Aug 11 12:06:22 CEST 2004

Alexandre Aractingi az alabbiakat irta 2004-08-11 11:41-n:
>>I have a weird thing with XFce 4.0.6, if I start XFce without being
>>connected to the network it seems that the SMB automated mounts that I
>>have in /mnt cause XFce to take a very long time to start (blank screen
>>with only the mouse pointer), and the panel never draws its buttons
>>(thus being unusable).
> I forgot to say that XFce is lightening fast to launch if the SMB mounts
> are ok... and I can't figure out the relation between XFce and SMB...

Maybe it's because you hadn't umounted the smb connections before you stopped
the network?
If not, then skip from here :-)
I have simillar issues: I mount daily some samba shares and if I forgot to
umount them before @ midnight the network goes down (the samba server backs up
and stop the sharing), so next morning everything is really slow (cd, mc, and
all the things that connects to some of the not really mounted directory).
Then I usually umount the samba share (as root) or remount (mount -o remount
/share), and it works.
AFAIK It's a known samba issue, if anybody know any sollution to this please
inform me.

(sorry about my english, and the disclaimer, and the sorry :-) )


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