.bash_profile not sourced

roger rstmp at iinet.com.au
Fri Aug 6 12:27:07 CEST 2004


I understand that in your .bash_profile, you set:
- export PATH=<something>

So this PATH should be defined for your whole session whatever terminal you 
use (environment variable are inherited by child processes)... unless your 
PATH is redefined by "something", perhaps your .bashrc?


On Fri, 6 Aug 2004 02:03 pm, Tim Holmes wrote:
> Hi,
> Under XFCE4, my sessions do not reflect the contents of my
> .bash_profile.  It works under a Gnome login, but not with XFCE4.
> If I do a "source .bash_profile" from the xterm, the additional PATH
> info shows up.  Any ideas what is happening?
> I'm using a locally compiled XFCE4 4.0.5 on RHEL 3.0.
> Thanks,
> Tim Holmes
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