.bash_profile not sourced

Christopher christopher.carroll at birch.net
Fri Aug 6 06:30:48 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 23:03, Tim Holmes wrote:
> Hi,
> Under XFCE4, my sessions do not reflect the contents of my 
> .bash_profile.  It works under a Gnome login, but not with XFCE4.
> If I do a "source .bash_profile" from the xterm, the additional PATH 
> info shows up.  Any ideas what is happening?
> I'm using a locally compiled XFCE4 4.0.5 on RHEL 3.0.
> Thanks,
> Tim Holmes
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You're probably running gnome-terminal (not xterm) under gnome and its
probably configured to run as a login shell (edit current profile,
"title and command" tab).  A bash login shell will read ~/.bash_profile,
while a non-login interactive shell will read ~/.bashrc.  This is how
xterm is running, so it is reading ~/.bashrc not ~/.bash_profile.  If
you run
xterm -ls
it will read ~/.bash_profile and be more like what you're used to in
gnome.  Or just run gnome-terminal from xfce and it should behave the
same way as in gnome.

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