cpu comsumption

James munch1e02 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 18:38:22 CEST 2004

I am trying to figure out why is it that I am getting
80-90% cpu utilization when I leave XFce running for
more than one day. I lock the screen with the system
buttons lock, which when running either fontglide or
glmatrix. I get the same CPU hogging results. Looking
at "top" it shows X taking upto 90% cpu and roughly
134M or Ram. Which usually starts out at 70-80M.  

fedora core 2
xorg x11 6.7.0-5
xfce 4.0.6
gaim v .8

only the following applications/plugins are running:
weather plugin v
cpugraph plugin v 0.2.2
clock plugin v ???

running in the panel are the following:
graphical pager

any one else seeing this?


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