xfce and 2 monitors

dan radom dan at radom.org
Wed Aug 4 15:19:29 CEST 2004

* Mariusz Bogumil (marbo at tpi.pl) wrote:
> Is it posible to configure xfce to work with 2 monitors (on each
> separate workspace). I had such configuration when i was using gnome (it
> still wors - so my Xserver is configured in a proper way)
> When my X starts xface is dispalied only on first monitor - seconnd one
> has empty X screen.

if you don't want to use xinereama, then you'll need to launch two
instances of everything .. one on each $DISPLAY.  i never liked xinerama.
this is what i use.

DISPLAY=:0.0; xfce-mcs-manager &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xfwm4 --daemon &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xfdesktop &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xbindkeys &
DISPLAY=:0.0; xfce4-panel &

DISPLAY=:0.1; xfce-mcs-manager &
DISPLAY=:0.1; xfwm4 --daemon &
DISPLAY=:0.1; xfce4-panel &
DISPLAY=:0.1; xbindkeys &
DISPLAY=:0.1; exec xfdesktop



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