'Cycle through windows' feature request

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 2 22:23:20 CEST 2004

Sami Samhuri wrote:

>* It was Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 09:50:07PM -0400 when Brian J. Tarricone said:
>>just so you don't think you're being ignored, olivier is on vacation
>>until the middle of the month (i think), and it's his call what goes
>>into xfwm4.
>Good to know, thanks. To be completely honest though I'm not sure how
>much I like this option anymore. It's great, until you have to grab the
>mouse to switch to a minimised app! Since I rarely use Shift+Alt+Tab to
>cycle in reverse I could map that to cycle all apps, but I think that
>may be taking it a bit too far.
though this may be a bit much, perhaps use a different key combo?  maybe 
alt+ctrl+tab goes through non-minimised apps, and alt+tab uses the 
normal method (and adding shift to the mix could reverse both of them).

>At least it was a good excuse for me to hack on xfce a bit. I really
>would like to get into it more now that I've had a taste. Are there any
>documents around that I might find useful?
the core xfce libs are somewhat documented at 
http://xfce.org/~benny/api/ - we're slowly documenting the interfaces, 
and wouldn't mind help from people that figure out on their own what 
stuff does (hell, that's how i picked most of it up...).


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