Xfce 3.8.16 and a different window manager

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at web.de
Thu May 1 22:40:20 CEST 2003


these days I checked Xfce and I like it very much! 
Even though configuration it's not that complex 
I couldn't figure out how to use Xfce with a 
different window manager than Xfwm. I tried 
selecting enlightenment from the Debian menue. 
Enlightenment started but offered "its" desktop, 
i.e. no Xfce panel, no Xfce pager, the Enlightenment 
Iconbox and pager, a clock . . . and a different 
background than the one I've chosen before with 
"plain" Xfce (probably meaning Xfce with Xfwm). 
Starting Xfce out of a xterm with xfce is possible 
but very uncomfortable, if to be done after every 
login. And changing the background with the thereby 
launched Xfce panel frozes the desktop. 
BTW: I start Xfce with the Xsession in GDM.
    I guess there's an easy way to tell Xfce to use 
enlightenment instead of Xfwm, but I've overlooked 
it. Besides I don't know how to use the Gnome applets 
with Xfce. So far I read http://www.xfce.org/help/html/help.html, 
checked the Mailing List Archives till December 
2002 and searched the Usenet.
   I know, I do not use the most recent version of 
Xfce :-). But I use Debian Woody and don't want 
to compile all the Xfce4-related sources from 
unstable because it seems to be much more elaborate 
than compiling the tetex2-sources =).

Any help appreciated!

Many greetings,

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