Shut down system when logged out

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Sun Mar 9 23:03:28 CET 2003

  For use of a portable by a complete non-geek, is there a way to issue the
'shutdown -h now' command upon log out by a user?

  The "new" machine I bought (an older IBM ThinkPad 600E) currently has a
copy of Libranet/Debian on it, and the gdm main window has a button that
brings up a radio-button dialog box to reboot or shutdown the system. Nice.
No need to su to root.

  For various reasons (among them lack of root access even when root's
shadow password string is deleted and because I don't need another
distribution here as I migrate from Red Hat to Slackware), I'm going to
re-do the entire system with Slackware-8.1 and Xfce-3.8.18.

  I would like to set it up so when the primary user (my fiancee) exits the
X Window System the system shuts down. So it will boot into a GUI login
screen and shut down when she's done working. How do I do the latter? I
presume that any desktop manager (xgm, gdm, ?) can be put in her
~/.bash_profile to resolve the first part.



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