Hello and Sound Issue

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Fri Jun 27 23:45:55 CEST 2003


In fact, sound is not implemented in xfce4. It's been left out.


On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 15:59, junk box wrote:
> Hello, everyone. My name is PastorEd, and I'm new to this list.
> I'm running Mandrake 9.1, and KDE was just a tad bit slow - so I
> installed Xfce4 instead.
> MUCH better! :D
> However, I've noticed that I don't have any sound for the
> environment itself (like Xfce3.8 does on my wife's machine).
> I'm GUESSING that it's because I'm running ASLA and she's using
> OSS. 
> How do I enable desktop related sounds in Xfce4?
> ...and since I have your attention - I'd like to help out with
> Xfce4, do my part, so to speak. But I'm not a programmer. I'm
> pretty handy with graphics, though. Any suggestions as to how I
> could help contribute to development?
> GBYLBT, PastorEd
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