Two problems

Biju Chacko biju_chacko at
Fri Jun 27 05:08:48 CEST 2003

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 20:20:35 -0500, edscott wilson garcia wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 17:33, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> > Okay, we really need some debug info. I've never heard of such
> > problems...
> I had some *weird* problems with xfwm4, but after deleting all xfce
> libraries from /usr/local/lib and repeating the install, they
> magically went away.

Frankly, the only time I've seen similar behavior was on funky hardware.
Are you sure this doesn't happen on any other desktop?

-- b

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