Two problems

Pär Ekholm pelle.ekh at
Thu Jun 26 23:05:53 CEST 2003


torsdag 26 juni 2003 22:34 skrev Olivier Fourdan:
> Ok, update...
> > 1) I have upgraded to XFce4 beta2 and now my KDE windows appear in the
> > middle of the screen. Gnome apps are at the top as usual. How can i
> > adjust this for the KDE apps?
> => It's really minor and very easy to fix. Done in CVS now.

Ok, thanks for that!

> > 2) As for beta1 the windows suddenly disappear on the screen. It is so
> > for all applications. But for Qt apps more. When i tried XFce4 beta2
> > mozilla just disappear, like a blink it was gone. What is this? I just
> > like xfce4 so much but i can´t trust it now. I hope this will be fixed
> > for the final release.
> That one I'm worried. I'm sorry, but I really need some more
> information. Do all windows disappear at once, leaving you with an empty
> screen ?

Yes all windows disappear. Installed beta2 yesterday and i had two windows 
open mozilla and konqueror i think. Happens with one window also. They 
disappear with a blink. I think rox pinboard died for me one time also. 
Leaving me with a grey background (but that was beta1). Not very often but 
every now and then. Hope you can fix it for final release. Like Xfce very 

> cheers,
> Olivier.

P. Ekholm

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