XFce4 under FreeBSD

Anders Lind sunshinecoast at swipnet.se
Thu Jun 19 20:17:51 CEST 2003

Hello friends,

I have a couple of question that I wish to ask before I even try
to install XFCE 4 under FreeBSD.

1. Has anybody installed XFCE 4 (I don't doubt that it is simple)
under FreeBSD (As it isn't in ports I would have to install all things
manually, not just XFCE)? Could this person please provide me
with a step by step instruction set?

2. Can XFCE 4 and XFCE 3.8.18 live together on the same computer?

3. Am I correct in remembering that XFCE 4 depends on GTK 2?



PS: Hello Stephen, I see you have made it to this mailinglist as well :o)

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