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Wed Jun 11 14:16:53 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 22:03, Biju Chacko wrote:
> (the authors definitely deserve more than
> > just a beer and a pat on the back for this project).
> gimme ... gimme ;-)

Well, ya gotta come down to Oz for anything more than nice words!

> Hopefully a menu editor will be available for 4.2. It's on my TODO list.

I'm currently just hand-editing the xml and nesting menus in the single
static file - just makes for a long xml document - and I can't seem to
make heads'nor'tails out of the bit of the documentation in there that
states that I can include other files - which would be quite cool as
well...I wish I was proficient enough at creating GTK applications so
that I could wing together some type of quickie app that would handle
editing that particular file (or set of files) - might have to play
around when I'm done building boxes for customers!

> > ...and a side question: Is there any works in progress for getting
> > icons on the desktop - ? Just a'wondering!
> Not really. Nobody seems to want it. You can use ROX for this. I've also
> heard of iDesk, but I've never used it.

Ah well - iDesk sucks - tried it and it doesn't seem to want to plop
it's icons on the desktop - no worries - not that I really ever use
desktop icons anyways...ROX is nice, but I have my druthers for using it
as a file mangler instead of a pinboard...

Meanwhile, thanx heaps for the reply...and I'll sit here and patiently
watch the development - really rather glad to be able to dump KDE as my
desktop completely...the speed is THRILLING! (As if my wife would get
thrilled from such...I'd be a happier man!)

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