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Chris Green chris at
Mon Jul 28 09:22:48 CEST 2003

On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 09:03:44PM -0500, Michael Mosier wrote:
> > So I cannot use sudo. I tried "gksu -u root xfe". When I say to start in
> > terminal it works but then there is, in addition to the app, a terminal
> > window open.Other apps like gedit won't even start with this. The concept of
> > kde "start as different user" would be very effective here.
> > 
> I know I may be a bit behind the times for not using sudo, but personally I have
> this in my menu:
>     xfterm4 -e "su -c programname"
> That opens up a terminal where I'm prompted for a password, then the terminal
> closes and my gui app opens.
Well I'm a very 'terminal based' sort of person so my basic set up is
two small terminal windows and on big (60 line) one on my xfce starup
window (it's similar on my Sun sparc work machine).  Another desktop
has Mozilla (I wish I could start Mozilla on a specific desktop).

Thus getting to root is a trivial 'su' in one of my existing windows
and I launch all the applications I need from the command line.  About
the only things I launch from the icons are more terminal windows and

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